Who We Are

Chieru was founded in October 2006, in Tokyo, Japan as a joint venture of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (ALSI - IT company for ALPS Electric Group) and Obunsha Co., Ltd. (one of the largest education publishers in Japan), to meet its growing needs of ICT in education for Japanese Schools. One of CHIeru's primary goals is producing ICT environments for teaching and learning in schools.

Our services include software and system products, teaching and learning resources and strategic consulting for school ICT environments in both primary and higher education. With this entire integration of teaching and learning services, we have succeeded to improve each learner's motivation and to improve the teaching process and its effectiveness in the classroom.

In close collaboration with our customers, we have been developing new digital solutions including language teaching systems, school network management systems and digital teaching and learning resources that offer a much wider variety of learning opportunities than was ever possible before.

Our customers are now beginning to get involved in using technology as it should be used - a tool for learning. Working with them, we have designed and coordinated their ICT in Education, covering all aspects of new, technically- enhanced schools.

Our Mission

"CHIeru supports all children's achievement to build their future."

Our company name, "CHIeru" is derived from two Japanese words: One is "知"(CHI - Knowledge) and the other is "得る" (ERU - Achieve) . We believe that in order for children to build their future, they need to achieve both academic knowledge and social knowledge (social skills) such as trust, respect and kindness first. We want to support such achievement from the education field. We strive to live up to these ideals set forth in this mission and our company name of "CHIeru".

CHIeru Japan