CaLabo EX

Digital Language Lab

Interactive Teaching Solutions Created by Japanese Schools

From dedicated Language Lab solutions to cloud-based classroom management software, CHIeru has created teaching tools that teachers need to organize, innovate and manage classroom activities.

Digital Language Lab

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CaLabo EX

Deliver multimedia lessons and communication to enhance any level of a student's language skill.

Classroom Management

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CaLabo LX

Supports teacher and student activities in any type of PC lab, classroom or library.

Chromebook Monitoring


InterCLASS Cloud

Cloud-based classroom management software for Chromebook classrooms.

"We have installed CHIeru's solution in over 30 digital language labs and computer labs campus wide.  It makes our classrooms and courses more interactive than ever."


Installed in over 60% of Schools in Japan and in 20 Countries. 

CHIeru's premium quality interactive teaching solutions are used in most schools in Japan and have been expanding in many markets globally.

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