New “CaLabo Cloud” Classroom Management System supports effective instruction and keeps students on task in a cloud-based teaching environment.

Tokyo, Japan, November 6, 2017– CHIeru Co., Ltd., the industry-leading developer of high quality educational systems, today has introduced its new, cloud-based classroom management system that enables teachers to easily and efficiently work with their students in a 1:1 classroom with Google Chromebooks, Microsoft PCs or Apple Macs.

By working directly with teachers and college professors, CHIeru created its initial PC Classroom Management System to reflect the needs of teachers to utilize software tools that are quick to learn and easy to manage during their busy classroom lessons. With that approach in mind and with cloud-based computing and the increasing use of online Apps being at the forefront of classroom technology today, the CaLabo Cloud System will provide teachers with the same easy-to-use features, such as:

Keep the Focus on Tasks and Take Back Control

  • Quickly send the teacher's screen for instruction or collaboration

  • Reinforce key concepts

  • Lock student computers

  • View all student screens

Allow / Prohibit the Use of Specific Websites

  • Restrict Websites (Blacklist) or have a list of acceptable websites (Whitelist) that students can use during the class period

File Collaboration

  • Collaborate/e-instruct without the need to return files

  • File share with Google G Suite or Google Drive and/or create assignments

  • View all student work on G Suite or Google Drive

Quiz Editor

  • Create quizzes for formative assessment

Future releases of CaLabo Cloud will also support Microsoft Office 365.

About CHIeru Co., Ltd.

Chieru was founded in October 2006, in Tokyo, Japan as a joint venture of Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (part of the ALPS Group of Companies) and Obunsha Co., Ltd. (one of the largest education publishers in Japan), to meet its growing needs of IT in education for Japanese Schools. One of CHIeru's primary goals is producing IT environments for teaching and learning in schools. Their services include software and system products, teaching and learning resources and strategic consulting for school IT environments in both primary and higher education. With this whole integration of teaching and learning services, Chieru has succeeded to improve each learner's motivation as well as the teaching process and its effectiveness in the classroom. Visit Chieru at to learn more about their products and services.

Chromebook, Google Drive and G Suite are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Mac is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

Microsoft Office 365, Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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Press Contact:

Ayaka Yamada

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