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Foreign Language Department opened in the spring, 2014. The reason of making the name as "foreign department" instead of "Department of Foreign Language", is to clarify that only acquisition of language is not the purpose. We aim to cultivate a wide range of cultures related to Japan and foreign countries and to train students who can contribute to the development of the global society.

[CaLabo EX Language Lab Classroom]

Broadcasting an audio/Video in real time is the main reason to decide the CaLabo EX. Strongly believe that this ICT technology improves the efficiency at the classroom.

CHIeru‘s sales representatives explained about CaLabo EX as full digital language lab solution that simply can transmit video and audio by using PC and LAN. “I would like to use this solution because it is not a dedicated machine.“

He continuously said, “However, I was worried the delay of voice. Sometimes it happens when I sending voice and images in Skype and LINE and this kind of delay will be stressful in the course of the lesson. If the delay is not in the practical range, It would be too late to say after installed expensive equipment. CHIeru controller is very user friendly even unfamiliar teachers can use it immediately as a Language Lab system.” Professor Sato said.

"I decided this CaLabo EX solution because of we confirmed that the delay of speech does not affect the lesson in the Language lab classroom where 50 PCs access at the same time. Furthermore, we asked native English teachers to use demonstration machines, they said the control screen could be switched easily to English. Even teacher who is not good at PC had experience the simple interface that helps to control without knowledge of this program."

Also, Professor Sato said, “CaLabo EX is a pretty good system because of file function that being able to send files only to a selected group seems reflect from the teachers idea".

* Interview

Professor Ian Warner

『CaLabo EX 』makes a big difference during lesson time

I find the core student PC remote-monitoring, control and two-way communication functions fantastic aids, especially for larger-size classes. I can send worksheet, sound and video files to students and have them return finished work to me in a flash. I love having the ability to target verbal instruction solely to the students that require it without distracting others and being immediately able to both observe student progress and take temporary control of PCs as students type, read-aloud or speak, etc. Plus MovieTeleco is a great recording tool. Finally, Chieru support and maintenance staff couldn't be better, which is another important consideration. I'm certainly looking forward to the next version of『CaLabo EX』!

Professor C. Garcia

What I like the most is the variety of activities in class.

It is the first time for me to use a computer system to teach English. With the headset, this system allows students to practice and concentrate on listening without distractions, and they can study at their own pace. When I use the system for listening activities and pair work, I notice that students really focus on listening, and rely less on gestures. Another good point is that it conserves paper. Initially, I didn't think about conserving paper, but being able to use [ mini-quiz ] every week allows me to keep student records and keep track of their progress, all without wasting paper, so that's a good thing. The more I learn about this system and all its features, the more variety I can put into my lessons to keep students interested and give them different kinds of practice. Today I asked the support staff how to control students' recording time, how to capture video clips from DVD's and other sources, and more. I really feel this system helps speed up students' language learning.

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